X-ray Image Interpretation Training

Egg Cup Training is engaging, interactive and EFFECTIVE. 

Numbers are strictly limited.  Access to facilitators is unparalleled. We teach real clinical skills.  

You will be able to spot and describe pathology on trauma x-rays on your very next shift.

Radiographer, emergency doctor, physiotherapist or nurse practitioner ...
all health practitioners can ‘Make their opinion count’


Radiographer, doctor, physio, nurse; regardless of your role description or formal responsibility we are all in a prime position to correlate clinical findings with radiographic appearances.

The ‘Swiss Cheese Model’ of accident causation suggests that the more preventative measures (cheese slices) that can be placed between a patient and a negative outcome (misdiagnosis), the less chance of an error occurring.

Let us all offer an opinion. If you see something, say something.

'Steph's Story'

  • History38yo female ‘Rolled’ ankle whilst running
  • AssesmentPain, swelling and bruising lateral aspect of foot
  • Xray“? Fracture base of 5th metatarsal – x-ray foot” DP, oblique and lateral foot x-rays performed (oblique shown)

The team delivering Steph’s care
during her visit to a busy
emergency department included
three different healthcare professions.

Follow the different scenarios to see Steph’s outcome.

No-one could identify a fracture at the base of 5th MT and Steph was discharged with soft tissue injury advice and analgesia

No-one could identify a fracture at the base of 5th MT. One person thought there was an unusual appearance of the calcaneum but didn’t know what it was so said nothing. Steph was discharged with soft tissue injury advice and analgesia

One person spoke to the rest of the team about what they thought was an unusual appearance of the calcaneum. An avulsion # of the anterior process was identified. Steph was placed in a ‘Moon Boot’ (controlled ankle movement walker) and discharged with analgesia to fracture clinic for orthopaedic follow up.

Come to the Eggcup Training Workshop and learn to
see it? say it!


  • Patient centred and clinically relevant 
  • Learn by doing - systematic x-ray review & practical written skills
  • Highly interactive - x-ray images are viewed on high resolution tablets
  • Interprofessional learning - like in the real world


Come and join one of our awesome workshops at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane:

Upper & Lower Limb (Normally $467)
x-rays of upper and lower limb trauma

8-9th Sep 2019     REGISTRATION CLOSED
Axial, Chest & Abdomen
(Normally $467)
x-rays of pelvis, spine, face & chest trauma and the acute abdomen

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Learn and apply real skills

at the most comprehensive image interpretation workshop around!


Emma, Pat and Mike are Egg Cup Training. They are energetic and passionate radiographers with a special interest and clinical expertise in the field of emergency x-ray image interpretation.

The management of a patient within the emergency department can involve many healthcare professionals, with varying backgrounds. Interpretation of x-rays is a complex skill, often left to one health care practitioner within the multi-disciplinary team. Egg Cup Training believes that everyone involved can provide a valuable opinion that can enhance patient safety; and it needn’t be daunting.

Egg Cup Training is committed to breaking down complex issues and delivering relevant practical training that clinicians can put into practice immediately.

Mike, Pat and Emma each have a strong commitment to professional development, the multi-disciplinary team and improving health services. It’s a point of pride that they are able to incorporate these values into the programs that they develop.

They believe that with their innovative and engaging education, they can empower you to:

  • Confidently review your x-rays
  • Gain confidence in your ability to describe what you see
  • Communicate effectively with other health care practitioners

Egg Cup Training is designed and delivered by clinicians for clinicians in the modern healthcare setting.

make your opinion count


Dr Michael Neep


Michael Neep has been a facilitator with Egg Cup Training since its inception, having been involved in the design, development and presentation of all Egg Cup Training education.

Michael has been a radiographer for over 19 years and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings in the United Kingdom and Australia. While working in the UK, Michael held the position of a reporting radiographer for the National Health Service.

Michael has recently completed a PhD in public health investigating image interpretation education in Australia. He is a published author and is a regular national speaker on image interpretation.

Patrick Eastgate

PhD (candidate) MSc BSc BNurs Cert IV TAE

Patrick has been involved with Egg Cup Training from conception to the realisation of high quality education and training in the field of image interpretation. Patrick is excited to be able to facilitate Egg Cup Training’s workshops; empowering healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes.

Patrick was an Oncology Nurse prior to starting his career as a Radiographer. He has worked in both the public and private sectors of medical imaging in the UK and Australia. Patrick has a Masters degree in Image Interpretation and is recently published.

Patrick presents locally, nationally and internationally on image interpretation, clinical education and training, advanced practice and ethics in Radiography.

Emma Cooper

BHSc(Hons) PGCert CertIV TAE

As founder, co-owner and facilitator, Emma has been involved in the design and development of Egg Cup Training since the very beginning.

She has been a Radiographer since 1999 in a range of facilities in the UK and more recently in Brisbane and Tamworth, Australia. As a qualified reporting radiographer of more than 10 years, a lecturer and clinical educator, she has a breadth of experience in practising as well as teaching image interpretation to other radiographers, health professionals and medical officers.

Emma is an associate lecturer at the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health and has presented widely on the topic of image interpretation.  


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